Doing Good Through Tea

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One of the things I've learned about the tea business is how many people use tea to rally around good causes.  Many people will have tea parties to raise money for a good cause.  People with tea businesses are very generous with their time and money to help others.

Let me give you an example from this weekend.  Two mothers from the Gold Coast in Australia used a tea event to raise funds for victims of the fighting in Syria.  They raised over A$12,000 at their tea and urge people to give to Save the Children.  

We at Tozy Tea, even though we are small and new, have supported many causes in our community.  We hope that as we grow we are able to do more.

If you hear about people helping others through tea, please let us know.  We'd love to hear from you.  You can always follow us on Twitter or Facebook.  Don't forget, you can earn Tozy TeaPoints by commenting on this or other articles.

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