Growing Tea Plants in Our Dining Room

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While enjoying your nice morning cuppa tea, have you ever stopped to think where your tea came from? No, we're not talking where the tea was grown, but rather the actual plant that tea comes from, Camellia Sinensis.

Over a year ago, we started an experiment in growing our own tea plants. Following the directions in planting little seedlings in loamy soil, and nurturing them has been a lot fun. We have discovered that growing them in Michigan is taking much longer than it would in China, as our climate is very different.

Harvest times for this plant is usually 16-20 months after planting. Right now these plants have been growing for 13 months and it will take more than another three to seven months before harvest.  We might even get enough for a whole cup of tea.  They're really small at this point.

They really took off in growth once we moved them indoors. Hopefully, they will continue to thrive & we will have a bountiful harvest in about a year.

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