Iced Tea or Tea Ice

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If you live in Michigan, you know that we have recently had some hot hot weather. Temperatures soared, heat advisories were made, and people made a beeline to wherever there was air conditioning.  Even workers were extremely happy to be working as their workplaces are air conditioned.

On one of these mornings I was enjoying some toast and iced tea for breakfast.  It got me thinking about iced tea.  We love tea both hot and iced in our house.  I knew the day was going to be extremely hot and wondered if there was another way to keep cool. Maybe I could experiment with tea and ice, and actually make ice using tea.

I decided I would brew some hot tea, actually a tisane in concentrate and let it cool for a while.  I busily got to work and brewed my tisane concentrate.  Strawberry Respite is was the tisane of choice and I let it brew for half an hour, much longer than usual.  You wouldn't necessarily have to brew it this long.  It is up to you.

After letting the tea cool down for 45 minutes, I poured it into a normal sized ice cube tray.  Two cups was more than enough tea to fill the tray, with some tisane leftover.  Next, I popped it into the freezer for several hours.

Finally, the time came to assemble the drink using “tea ice”.  First, I placed the tea ice cubes in a glass.  Next I added chilled sparkling water, which we lovingly refer to as bubble water. Lastly, for color, a sprig of fresh peppermint from the garden was added.

This beverage was fun to make, drink, and observe.  The mint added something a little extra, too. The other tisanes or herbal teas, Northland Blueberry, and Brahms Lullaby would also work very well in being made into tea ice.

My next step in this adventure is to do this with our teas that have tea leaves in them.  I did this back in January when I experimented in making ice cube sculptures with tea cubes, but I never tasted the results, as the tea ice was being used to construct a sculpture.

So keep cool everyone, and remember to play with your food!

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