Introducing the Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker by Takeya

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Here at Tozy Tea our guiding principle is that we want to make it easy for anyone to enjoy great tea.  We recently added the Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker by Takeya to our lineup because it is the best way we have found to make premium iced tea quickly and easily.  We have had one ourselves for some time now and are very pleased we can now offer it to you.
Many people don’t realize that iced tea is just that—brewed tea that has been poured over ice.  Another thing people don’t realize is that you don’t have to use low-grade instant iced tea.  You can use your favorite black, green or herbal tea (aka tisane) to make iced tea.  And it doesn't matter whether it is loose leaf or from tea bags.
Why would you want to brew iced tea from our pyramid tea bags or from high quality loose-leaf tea?  First, you will open yourself up to a whole world of different flavors and styles.  You can give yourself more options to be able to use any tea you like, not just what can be processed into instant tea.
Second, because you are using better tea you will not have to use tons of sugar to mask the taste of a low quality tea.  Face it, many instant teas just don’t taste good on their own and you have to compensate somehow.  You can make a good tasting, lower calorie drink by using good tea and a bit of a sugar.  We especially like our Up North! black tea, Moroccan Mint green tea, and Northland Blueberry for iced tea.
Here’s some Up North! we brewed up and drank on our back deck.

Lastly, you can use lower caffeine green teas or caffeine-free herbal teas or tisanes to make great tasting and healthy drinks for yourself.  We had a party a couple summers ago where we used our Flash Chill to make loose leaf peppermint herbal tea and it was a huge hit.  If you’re looking to lower your sugar and caffeine intake, herbal teas can be a great summer time alternative to traditional instant sweet teas.
So why use a Takeya Flash Chill?  Here’s a photo detailing each high-quality component.  We love the way it looks, we’re proud serving our tea to friends and family in such an attractive pitcher.  We carry the Flash Chill in both blueberry and raspberry colors.  The 2-quart model we carry makes about 8 glasses of high quality iced tea.

The most important component is the tea infuser.  It screws into the lid.  You put the tea inside the infuser, let the tea steep, then remove the infuser.  It’s easy to clean, but we find it easier with our pyramid tea bags than with loose leaf.  Also, note that the infuser goes almost to the bottom of the container.  Some Flash Chills have an infuser that only go about halfway down.  The advantage of the longer infuser is that it allows you to steep the tea without filling the pitcher all the way up, leaving room to add more ice than on the models with the shorter infusers.
The other components are of very high quality.  The airtight and watertight lid screws on to help keep the tea fresh longer and prevents spills.  Its seal is tight enough that after adding ice you can shake up the tea to cool it quickly without making a mess.  Also, because of the watertight design you can lay the Flash Chill on its side in a refrigerator or even take it with you to tail gates, picnics and other outdoor events.
The tea maker body is made of high quality, bph-free material.  It also can withstand both high and low temperatures without breaking.  We also believe that its clarity allows the color of the tea to show through well.  Another good feature, not obvious from the pictures, is that the body is oval shaped.  This allows you to put into most refrigerator doors or even lay it on its side without it rolling away.
Last but not least is the non-slip silicone handle.  It gives you a good grip, whether the container is hot or cold.  It also gives you a good feel for the overall quality of the Takeya iced tea maker.
Here’s a good video showing how easy it is to make great iced tea quickly with Takeya Flash Chill iced tea maker.

It’s as easy as that.  (1) Brew the tea; (2) Add ice; (3) Serve.
Let us know what your experience with the Flash Chill is.  Remember, you can earn Tozy Teapoints just by logging in and leaving a comment.  As always, check us out on Facebook and Twitter for more tea information and fun.  Thanks for reading.

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