Last Chance to get the One Touch Green-Brim Style Teapot

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Today, we sold out of the black One Touch Teapot with the brim-style top.  We have only a few of the green ones with the brim-style left.  The manufacturer no longer supplies them, so this could be your last chance.  If you prefer, you can also get the One Touch Teapot in green with the spout top.

Don't say we didn't warn you!

We've been working to get ready for the holiday rush.  In addition to rolling out our new Masala Chai flavor, we're also lining up shows where you can meet us in person.  You can always shop online, but some of you like to see us in person.  Heidi is working on a blog entry listing our upcoming events.  Stay tuned.

There's been a lot of action in the tea world.  Here are some of Today's Teatime Headlines:

Tea Fun

Tea at the Royal Windsor Racecourse.  Looks a bit fancier than my typical morning tea!

Lots of tea puns!  I wouldn't do this, but I'm a lawyer.

Tea Benefits

Tea is the key to getting to your 100th birthday, centarian says.  Hard to argue with success.

Tulsi (basil) herbal tea is good for you.

For Industry Insiders

Prices fall at Kochi tea sale.

34% of tea unsold on weak demand in Coonoor.

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