More Tea Philanthropy

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We're looking for stories about people using tea and the tea culture to help others.  For example, a tea was held as a memorial to honor Ms. Hillebrand who recently passed away.  She spent a lifetime volunteering at the Manteca, CA library and people wanted to show how much they loved her and respected her service.  

In Indiana, the Porter County Community Foundation enjoyed their 13th Annual Women's Tea to celebrate success in raising donations for the Women's Fund.  The Women's Fund helps support needs women and children.  They raised over $100,000 this year, have granted over $239,000, all while building up an endowment of $370,000.  Well done ladies!

At the other end of the scale, some tea shops in the oil rich tourist destination of Dubai are in trouble for allegedly promising health benefits from gold tea.  This isn't just gold-colored tea, this is tea with 24kt gold in it.  Although it's not entirely clear at this point, the tea shops appear to admit putting gold in their tea but deny saying it has any special health benefits.  I realize we all have our little wasteful indulgences, but it's hard not to think that the gold could be put to better use.

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