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When we last left off, I was in the middle of a blog about places where you would be able to find us.  Yes, Tozy Tea is still on the internet and you can definitely reach us there, too.  But sometimes it's fun to just get out, go for a ride, and then get a little exercise while your out and about.   Here is the second half of our list of scheduled events.  Please continue to check in as we may add other events that come up too.

Let's start with mid-November.  In Michigan, the middle of November holds a very important date for many outdoorsy people,  namely, the beginning of deer hunting season.  The opening weekend of deer hunting season is referred to as Deer Widows' Weekend.  Now I know that many women go hunting, but it used to be a guy thing.  The men would leave the women at home and go out hunting, thereby, leaving the women at home to fend for themselves. So, on November 16th, we will be in Durand, MI at the First Annual Doe Camp.  This is a women only event from 5-8pm, at Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #2272, located at 923 N. Saginaw Rd, Durand, MI.  After 8pm, men are welcome to join the event.  So think of it this way, as the Bucks are out hunting, each Doe can go to the party and shop. This is also a fundraiser for the VFW and has a $5.00 admission fee. Be sure to bring your friends and enjoy an evening of shopping, karaoke, dancing, and plain fun.

On Saturday, November 23, we will head south to Royal Oak High School for their annual Holiday Arts and Crafts Market.  Located at 1500 Lexington Boulevard, in Royal Oak, we are looking forward in meeting many new people, as we always do!  The show hours are 10am-4pm.

Come November 29-December 1 and December 6-8, we will be back in Frankenmuth for the annual Christkindlmarkt.  This year, there will be two locations.  The first will be in the usual spot where the Saturday Farmers Market is held, but underneath a big tent.  Being outdoors with the Christkindlmarkt is very similar to what you would find in Germany. The second location will be across the street in Fischer Hall, next to the museum.  This market is very unique, as it reflects the German Heritage of the City of Frankenmuth.  Be sure to also join in the tree lighting ceremony that begins at River Place and concludes at the Chamber of Commerce with the lighting of the tree and usually pours over into the Christkindlmarkt. There are lots of lights, sounds, great smells, and fun at this event!  There are so many great and unique items, too!

Lastly, we will be in Clio on December 14-15, at the Shriner's event at Circus Park Hall, located at 4240 W. Wilson Rd.  This is a really fun event, lots of vendors and the concessions are very good.  Stop in Saturday from 10am-5pm or swing by on Sunday from 10am-4pm.

Finally, we may do a show the weekend before Christmas.  However, for now, that is a decision that we will have to make.  If we do decide for something on that weekend we'll Facebook, Tweet, and Blog it so that you are in the loop.

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