Ohio State Study Shows Chemical in Camomile May Help Fight Cancer

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Normally we do not emphasize the health benefits of tea and tisane, but we came across a story today in the Daily Mail about the possible benefits of camomile tea.  Scientists at the Ohio State University have found that the chemical apigenin can help the body fight cancer cells.  Even as a Michigan alum, I have to admit Ohio State is a real university with real researchers and thought our readers might benefit from hearing about their research.  Check out the Daily Mail article for the details.

The best sources of apigenin are camomile, celery and parsley.  If you're looking for a tasty camomile tea, you can try our Brahms Lullaby.  Its key ingredients are camomile and rooibos.  Brahms Lullaby is naturally caffeine free and is great to drink in the evening.  And if the Ohio State scientists are right, it's probably good for you too.

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