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We're making a few changes here at Tozy Tea LLC.  We are moving the Tozy Tea blog from Blogger over here to our own domain.  There are some technical reasons for doing that, but the main reason is to make it easier for you to visit both our blog and store.  The older posts will remain at Blogger, but newer posts will be here from now on.

We've been doing some research about some of the other tea sites, especially those for the big tea companies.  One thing we've noticed is that the big tea companies' sites are nearly devoid of people.  There are no stories, photos or information about the people who run the company.  There's even less about the customers enjoying their tea.

We've taken a different approach.  When you deal with us, you'll know who you are dealing with.  Heidi and I take complete responsibility for making sure that you get good service and great tea.  You can also be confident that everything we do, from selecting new teas to processing your order that it will be done right.  And if it isn't right the first time, you'll know who to contact.

We believe tea is about more than just getting something good to drink or even the health benefits.  For thousands of years tea has been about sharing something good with your friends and family.  It's about the best part of the human experience and we want to help you enjoy your life more, if even in a small way.

We'll put our tea up against anybody's, it's that good.  If you want fancier buttons and slick photography, go to the big company owned by an even bigger coffee company.  If you want personal service from people you know, come to us.  You won't regret it.

So stay tuned, we'll be blogging here about all kinds of different tea, different things you can do to enjoy your tea, our events in and around Frankenmuth, and maybe if we're fortunate, events farther afield.

Cheers!  Don't forget you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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