Tea Brick Sells for More than $1.2m

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A tea brick sold for more than $1.2m in China on September 7.  The brick dates from the Qing dynasty (1616-1912).  The winning bidder runs a trading company in Shenzhen, China.

Tea bricks are common in China and usually go for a bit less than a $1m.  Most Americans will not be familiar with them.  Dark teas, like pu-er, increase in value much like fine wines or champagnes.  An exceedingly old and rare tea can bring stunning prices.

Here's an example of what brick tea looks like.

Here's a video on how to break up a brick tea so that you can use it to brew a cup.

We here at Tozy Tea have been approached by dark tea manufacturers in China.  Would you be interested in trying a dark tea?  Just drop us a line at chris@tozytea.com or heidi@tozytea.com if you're interested.

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