Tea Decision Tree

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How do you decide what kind of tea to get?  How do you decide what kind of tea to drink?  For people new to tea, and even to tea experts, it can be difficult to choose what kind of tea is right for the occasion.

When we talk to customers, we typically go through the thought process outline in this decision tree.  It's not as complicated as it looks.  Start on the left side as we guide you through a series of questions.

For most people, the most important question is how much caffeine they want.  If you want more caffeine, go with a black tea.  From there, it's a choice of whether you want a flavored black tea, like Earl Grey (which has bergamot) or Christmas Star (which has cinnamon), or an unflavored black tea where all you taste is the tea itself, like Up North! or English Breakfast.

If you want some caffeine, but not a lot, go with a green tea.  We recently introduced a pure Japanese green tea, Just Sencha.  If you preferred a flavored green tea, go with Moroccan Mint (with peppermint) or Cherry Blossom (with cherry flavoring and rose petals).

What if you don't want caffeine?  Then the chart will guide you to our rooibos-based Brahms Lullaby or to a fruit tea like Northland Blueberry or Strawberry Respite.  Sometimes herbal teas or fruit teas like these are called "tisane."

Even after all that, if you're giving a gift you might not know what the recipient wants.  Never fear, just send a Tozy Tea gift certificate.  No muss, no fuss.

So there it is, your tea decision making made a bit easier.  If there are other flavors you'd like to see, please let us know.  Also, you can follow us on Facebook or Twitter.  Come on, give us a like or two.  Cheers!

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