Tea Steeping Temperature Made Easy

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We take great pride in making gourmet tea easy to make and enjoy.  One feature we have on all our packages of premium tea are instructions that are easy to find and follow.

If tea is not made at the right temperature, it can be ruined.  Just as you wouldn't bake a pizza or make a can of soup without using the right temperature, you will get the best results if you make the tea at the right temperature.  Some people believe that it makes a huge difference whether you microwave the water or heat it conventionally, but I personally have not been able to tell the difference.

Fortunately, this is just heating water and timing the steep so it's not that hard.  There are only three rules to remember.  

Rule 1:  Water for green tea should be about 180 degrees (about 82 degrees celsius).  Green teas can burn and then taste bitter if the water is too hot.

Rule 2: Water for black tea and herbal tea or tisanes should be taken up to a boil (212 degrees fahrenheit, 100 degrees celsius).  I was going to make Rule 2 apply to everything else, but "everything else" is a big universe.  If everything else applies only to our teas other than green teas, then it's a true statement.

Rule 3: Steep the tea for the time stated on the package.  If you go too short, the tea will taste weak.  If you steep the tea too long, it will be too strong.  This is especially true of premium teas which typically require much shorter steep times than cheap teas.

Unlike a lot of tea companies, we have clear instructions on the packaging.  On the side you will find the detailed instructions.  On the upper right of the front of the label you will find a quick reference with the recommended time and temperature.  Once you get used to looking in the upper right corner, you'll make a perfect cup of tea every time.

Here's an example from our Brahms Lullaby herbal tea.

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