Tea in Bay City Michigan

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People have their own daily schedules. Some schedules may be hectic while still others may have a slower and calmer pace. Whatever your schedule may be, one thing you can always consider is to sit down and have some tea.

Today, a group of us attended a lovely Victorian Tea, hosted by the Olde Thyme Herb Society in Bay City. The society really out did themselves! All of the tables were thoughtfully and lovingly set to be absolutely beautiful. The food was to die for. Their buffet had salad fixings, fruit skewers, chocolate dipped strawberries, all kinds of tea sandwiches (about 10 different kinds! ), and many, many different kinds of lovely desserts! Some of the most intriguing desserts were cookies with the candied flowers on them or cookies made with dandelion flowers topped with a maple drizzle.

Tea was also flowing in many, many teapots! Everyone had a choice of Earl Grey tea or an herbal infusion called "Lady's Tea". Lady's Tea is composed of many different kinds of flowers and Rooibus and therefore has a nice floral taste. This tea is available at www.iwantmoreteaplz.com.

The guest speakers were poet Carol Sanford and Victorian Doll maker and collector Sandi Black. Both ladies had so much too share. Carol shared many poems that she has written. One favorite was about a local river that winds its way into Saginaw Bay.

It was a fun time being with friends and making new ones as well. So whether you have a hectic chaotic schedule or a restful schedule, make time for tea and enjoy yourself.

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