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Happy Labor Day!  In Southampton, England, there is a wonderful company called ChariTeas.  They raise money for kids with life limiting disabilities to attend sporting events, like Premier League soccer (they call it football) and cricket.  The way they raise the money is the fun part.

ChariTeas operates a 130 seat tea room at the local shopping center.  They offer tea and of course the associated sweets.  The idea is that people may get tired of giving, but they won't get tired of drinking tea.

If you're visiting southern England, it looks like a fun stop to add to your itinerary.  Check out the ChariTeas Tea Room blog, they have some pictures that really give you a feel for the place.

If you know of anything similar on our side of the pond, please let us know.  It sounds like a great idea for a great cause.

Now for Today's TeaTime headlines.  Apparently, the rest of the world doesn't stop for Labor Day because there is a lot happening in the tea universe.

Tea Fun
St. Peter's Cathedral's Women's Council is hosting a tea to raise funds for charity.

Five steps to a great cup of tea.

University of Hawaii demonstrates Japanese tea ceremony for students.  Their Japanese tea room looks a lot like our Japanese tea room in Saginaw.

Goldenrod is no longer a useless weed that makes you sneeze.  Some say you can make tea from goldenrod.

Stonington, Maine's  Tempest in a Teapot to be included in gift baskets at the Emmy's.

Tea Benefits
Britain seeks to develop iron-rich tea for pregnant mothers abroad.

Green tea makes the list of 60-second stress relievers.

Tea tree oil may be good for your skin.

For Industry Insiders
Demand for lower quality teas falls due to instability in the Middle East.

South India tea production falls for fifth year in a row.

The North Eastern Tea Association asked the Tea Board of India to make the price-sharing formula more fair.

Iranian tea trader cuts deal to import orthodox tea from Tripura, India.

Assam Tribune reports that the tea board will directly monitor green tea leaf prices.

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