Today's Teatime--Getting Ready to be Famous

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The Frankenmuth Chamber of Commerce will be featuring Tozy Tea LLC in their upcoming publication.  They sent us an interview sheet and Heidi worked all day yesterday on it.  We'll let you know when it comes out.

We've also been lining up our holiday schedule of shows.  We're looking forward to our second gift-giving season.  We'll publish a schedule here on our blog when things firm up more.

Now, for Today's Teatime, a worldwide tour of all things tea-related.

Tea Fun

Video exploration of abandoned tea farms in Japan

The Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony 2013 will take place in September and October.  This sounds like an excellent opportunity to see different kinds of authentic tea ceremonies.  If you can't go that far, you can see a tea ceremony at the Japanese Gardens in Saginaw.

On August 31, there will be a vintage tea festival at the Frydell House in Boston (England, not Massachusetts).

Stunning photos of Thai tea with boba can be found here.  Well done Elsie and Emma.

More great photos, this time of how to make peach iced tea.  

A British charity called Contact the Elderly is encouraging people to visit older people in their communities and have a cup of tea.

Tea Benefits

Scientists develop non-stick coating from sticky stuff left over from wine and tea with potential medical applications

A recent study indicates green tea may protect skin from UV rays

Here's a summary of benefits of different kinds of tea

Tea Industry News

Sprockets is a new chain of creativity-oriented tea shops featuring Taiwan's famous milk tea.  A friend of mine got back from living in the Far East and asked about getting milk tea here in the U.S.  I have not seen any, but maybe some of you out there have some leads.  Please let us know.

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