Today's Teatime--Let's Go to Bermuda!

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OK, kids, time to go around the world of tea in 60 seconds with Today's Teatime.

Tea Fun

*  The Canton Women's Club dressed up in Victorian dresses and enjoyed high tea.
*  What if iced tea is not cold enough?  Try blackberry iced tea pops.
*  The Black Sea region of Sochi prepares to wow the world when the Winter Olympics arrive.  If you want to see how tea is grown and made, watch this short clip.

Tea Industry News

*  Kenya, the largest exporter of black tea, reports a 29% drop in price due to falling demand in key markets like Egypt.  Kenya relies heavily on customers throughout the Mideast and Central Asia and turmoil there is decreasing demand.
*  The North American Tea Conference will take place in September in Bermuda.  Talk about things we wish we could go do.
*  The inspiring tale of entrepreneur Joseph Koh and his company Big Teapot, a successful tea store in Malaysia.  If you need a "if they can do it, so can we" to charge you up, we can recommend this story.
*  The Darjeeling region produces some of the world's best tea, but continues to reel from strikes.

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