Today's Teatime--Tea for Dogs

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Tea for dogs?  Well, yes.  A company called Woof & Brew is introducing a product that makes it possible for dogs to have herbal tea.

The teas come only from ethical sources (i.e. no slave or child labor) and the company says they are safe and healthy for dogs.  They even come in pyramid tea bags, just like Tozy Tea does.

So what's not to like?  I'm not sure if they are introducing this product in the U.S., but if you have a dog, maybe you'll want to try it.

Now for Today's Teatime headlines.

Tea Fun

Hong Kong home to herbal treasures.

Tea-riffic Ice Cream provides great flavors.

Family tea party at Crown & Crumpet in San Francisco.

How to drink really hot green tea.

High tea at Hobarts (Australia).

Tea Benefits

Benefits of green tea from The Positive Chick.

Health benefits of chamomile tea.

Matcha can make you beautiful.

Black tea is good for you.

Tea News

Tea farm bulldozed to make way for development.

Second East Africa Tea Association convention takes place.

Competition fierce among Philadelphia bubble tea shops.

For Industry Insiders

Tea Board launches marketing effort to Indian interior.

More tea on offer at Conoor sale.

Tea Board Chief sees big market in rural India.

Bangladesh tea prices drop on weak demand.

Zimbabwe tea production falls.

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