Todays Teatime--Enjoy Premium Iced Tea for Labor Day

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We'd like to wish everyone a happy Labor Day weekend.  Here in Mid-Michigan, things are really starting to warm up.  

To cool down, try something different.  You can use high quality tea to make iced tea.  All you have to do is brew up the tea as you normally would and then put the tea in a pitcher with ice.  With higher quality teas, you don't have to dump a bunch of sugar in the tea.  The flavor of the tea will be good enough on its own.

A quick and easy way to make good iced tea is with the Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker.  The Flash Chill makes it easy to use either your favorite bagged or loose-leaf tea.

So treat yourself, your family and your friends to a healthy alternative to sugary drinks.  Have some good iced tea, you won't regret it.

And now for Today's Teatime headlines.

Tea Fun

9 way to incorporate tea into your day.

There's no beach in Hollister, California but there is a custom tea blender.

Frozen tea cubes are becoming popular in Iceland.  Heidi had a similar idea, iced tea or tea ice.

Essex Rose Tea House Review.

Tibetans love Pu'er black tea.

Tea Benefits

Ginger tea recipe with health benefits.

Black tea over coffee is recommended for Wake Forest students who want to be healthy.

For Industry Insiders

July tea output fell 9.3% in Sri Lanka.

Japanese growers are working to develop black tea production.

Have a good holiday weekend.  Don't forget,  you can follow Tozy Tea on Facebook and Twitter.

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