Tozy Tea, Social Media, and Rewards for You

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From our launch, we've worked hard to make sure that you can tell us what you think.  We've been on Facebook from the outset and have been working hard on Twitter for the last few months.  We've made a lot friends along the way and have learned a lot about what you want in a tea company.

Yesterday, we heard from a satisfied customer on Twitter about one of our personal favorite teas, Up North.  We really appreciate the positive feedback.

Don't forget that by writing reviews or even posting about our products in social media can earn you Tozy TeaPoints good for cash off your next purchase.  Easiest money you'll ever save!

Let's take a look at Today's Teatime headlines.

Tea Fun
Big week for tea in Kansas City.

Eight artists featured at tea in Jackson County.

Hastings Tea opens in White Plains.

Black tea cupcake recipe.

For Industry Insiders
Bangladesh tea prices fall for second straight week.

Indian tea production expected to increase 5% next year.

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