Tozy Tea will be at the Frankenmuth Christkindlmarkt

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The day after Thanksgiving can have two meanings for people, 1) it can be one of sleeping in and recovering from  feasting on the wonderful and bountiful foods presented on Thanksgiving and  2) it is a shop till you drop day known as Black Friday. So whatever you choose to do on Friday, people seem to have special things to do on this day.

For those of you recovering from feasting on a huge turkey or slices of ham, we wish you the very best.

Be sure to enjoy those leftovers, too.  (Sometimes, people seem to roll their eyes when the word “leftovers” is spoken right after Thanksgiving, but I always loved those extra morsels of Thanksgiving delight!)

Those who go out and shop, Black Friday is one of your days.  There are many things out in the commercial area to peruse.  Think back to Christmas when you were younger.  As a kid, did you eagerly await the Sears and JCPenny's catalogs, so you could looks through at all of the nest things for Christmas? We still have dreams and wishes,which have probably changed over the years, such as no longer wanting a certain doll that also had a convertible, van, and airplane as accessories.  But we  may want a peaceful Christmas, or one where all of the kids come home that we would like to come true. 

So what does this blog have to do with tea?  Just remember that with all of the festivities to take some time for yourself to slow down for a great cup of tea.

Shopping at can also save you a lot time and frustration.  You won't have to look for a parking space, stand in long lines, or worry about someone grabbing the last of something you wanted. Instead, you can order online, maybe even in your fluffy pink bunny slippers, wearing your warm jammies, and enjoying a great cup of tea, all in front of a roaring fire.  How does that sound? Look through our website and check out our teas, including our newest, Masala Chai. We also have teapots, and Flash Chill Iced Tea Makers.

If you want to shopping experience to be the usual traffic, parking space hunting,and the patience of looking through things by hand, we suggest visiting the Frankenmuth Christkindlmarkt (German Christmas Market) across Main Street from the Frankenmuth Chamber of Commerce and in Fisher Hall.  This event runs from Nov. 29-Dec. 1 and Dec. 6-Dec. 8 in downtown Frankenmuth.  Stroll the big tent outdoors and enjoy all of the great sights, sounds, and smells.  

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