• 100% high quality silicone
  • BPA free
  • FDA certified, food safe
  • Some sellers advertise as dishwasher and microwave safe, but we recommend against that
  • Leaves no taste, all you taste is your tea
  • Colors: Grey, Blue, Pink, Green
Price: $15.99
    Points to Purchase:320
    Points Earned:15
    Bonus Points Earned:0

    Set of all 4 colors of shark tea infusers.  With the set you can share with your friends or enjoy different colors on different days.

    Oh no! A ferocious shark leaps out of your tea and chomps your cup!

    OK, well, maybe not that ferocious. Our shark tea infuser is a cute way to make your tea and liven up your day.

    He opens at the mid-section to allow you to put tea in his the lower section. We recommend about a teaspoon per cup. He attaches securely to the rim of your cup. Once your tea is as dark as you like it, take him out. Or just leave him in and you can keep each other company!